Cancer cells CAN BE DESTROYED in SECONDS, according to scottish scientists.

May 31, 2021 by

Tumours need food in order to spread so gobble up the sweet β€œbomb” which contains a drug.

Edinburgh University experts say a light shone on those cancer cells detonates the β€œexplosive”, known as SeNBD.
It works because cancers grow fast and need more food than healthy cells, which are not harmed by the drug.
Scientists hope the sugar treatment will boost survival and spare patients damaging chemotherapy.
So far, it has only been used on glioblastoma, the most common brain cancer.
In tests, it destroyed the tumour’s sugar-craving cells in seconds.
The method is being adapted to fight cancers that prefer fat or protein, Nature Communications reported.
Breast, prostate and lung cancers – which together kill nearly 60,000 Brits a year – could be combated by the approach.
Researcher Sam Benson, of Edinburgh Uni, said of the sugar bomb technique: β€œThe drug absorbs the energy from the light. It uses the energy to weaponise the oxygen in the cells, killing them from within.

β€œThere have been great advances in treatment but the prognosis for many cancers is still poor and new and better treatments are still needed.”
Charity chiefs also hailed the breakthrough.

Dr David Jenkinson, of The Brain Tumour Charity, said it could be β€œan innovative new way to target aggressive cancer cells while sparing healthy cells, which is so important in treating brain tumours”.

He added: β€œWe urgently need to find new treatments to help give those affected by a glioblastoma more time to live. A cure can’t wait.”

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