GNI – LATEST NEWS 11/12/2021

⚑️ UN on the possibility of building up a military presence on the border of Belarus and Poland: we urge you not to view refugees as a threat

⚑️ A group of migrants at the Belarusian border broke into Poland.

⚑️ Russian and Belarusian paratroopers landed at the Gozhsky training ground in the Grodno region – Ministry of Defense of Belarus

⚑️ The paratroopers of Belarus and the Russian Federation perform tasks at one of the Belarusian training grounds in connection with the growth of military activity near the western border – Ministry of Defense of Belarus

⚑️ Russia sent a unit of paratroopers to Belarus to conduct exercises, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed.

“On November 12, as part of a surprise check of the combat readiness of the Airborne Forces, a subdivision of Russian paratroopers will carry out a practical landing on an unfamiliar landing site in the Grodno region of the Republic of Belarus,” the military department said. They said that the unit will take part in a joint tactical exercise with units of the Belarusian armed forces.

⚑️Belarus is ready to ensure its security with the involvement of Russia, if necessary – head of the Ministry of Defense of the republic

⚑️ Poland announced that it is calling soldiers from Britain to the Belarusian border, they will help to strengthen the fence

⚑️ Poland and other NATO countries bordering on Belarus, building up their military presence at the borders of the republic, want to unleash a conflict, drawing Europe into it – statement of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus

⚑️ U.K. Ministry of Defence confirms a small team of U.K. military personnel are now exploring how they can provide β€œengineering support” to Poland on its border with Belarus – in response to migrants crossing .

⚑️ Russia sent 250 paratroopers to Belarus, they return to Russia after exercises – Russian Defense Ministry

⚑️ Iraq suspends direct flights with Belarus

⚑️ Iraqi Foreign Ministry revokes work permit of Belarusian Honorary Consul in Baghdad

⚑️ The heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense of France, at a meeting with their Russian counterparts in Paris, warned the Russian Federation about the consequences in case of violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the French side said in a statement.

β€œBoth ministers warned of serious consequences in case of any new violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine,” reads a statement released by the French Foreign Ministry following the talks.

“They called on Moscow to return to negotiations in the Normandy format and agree to hold a ministerial meeting soon,” it says.

⚑️ On the Belarusian side, preparations are underway to create a large migrant camp on the border with Poland. The Belarusian services deliver the necessary materials.

⚑️ The European Union’s foreign ministers will meet on November 15 to discuss Russian military build-up near Ukraine, European External Action Service spokesperson Peter Stano said on Friday.

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