VIDEO # 1  – This morning at the refugee camp.

VIDEO #2 – Video of migrants crushing the fence at Belarusian side of the border

VIDEO #3 –  The situation at the border now. View from the Polish side.

VIDEO #4 –  The situation at the border now. View from the Polish side.

This video doesn’t exist

VIDEO # 5 – Migrants are preparing to storm the Polish border, says the Polish Interior Ministry. Reinforcements are arriving at the border checkpoint.

VIDEO # 6 – In the event of an illegal crossing of the Bruzgi checkpoint on the border with Belarus, force may be used, warns the Polish side through the loudspeaker of refugees who have come to the checkpoint.

⚡️ Polish Vice Prime Minister called for the exclusion of the Russian Federation and Belarus from international organizations and the exclusion from sports competitions due to the crisis with migrants

⚡️Aeroflot will not be included in the EU sanctions list for Belarus

⚡️ Lithuanian MFA Landsbergis – apart from sanctions, everything must be done to ensure that the airport in Minsk and other airports in Belarus become no-fly zones

⚡️ The EU Foreign Ministers approved the criteria for the imposition of sanctions against those who facilitate illegal migration from Belarus to the EU, a source told RIA

⚡️ The President of Estonia convenes the Council on State Defense because of the “hybrid attack” of Belarus, reports Baltnews.

⚡️The Estonian police began to move the “deterrent” to the eastern border due to the migration crisis on the border of Belarus and Poland.

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