#WHO’s #Tedros claims “the time has come for countries to agree on a common binding approach to a common threat” amid #Omicron #variant.

WHO Says Focus Should Be on Delta Variant Despite Growing Global Panic Over Omicron.

🌎 The world is in a panic over the new Omicron variantβ€”but Delta is still responsible for over 99% of SARS-CoV-2 infections globally, the WHO said on Monday (Nov. 29).

β€œOver 99% of cases around the world are due to the Delta variant and more deaths are occurring in the unvaccinated,” WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan told CNBC. β€œI think that’s our priority while we wait to find out more about [the Omicron] variant.”

β€œWhat we would like to know is, is this variant more transmissible, even more than Delta? We would like to know if there is a different clinical pattern, is it less severe, more severe when it causes disease?” she said, adding, β€œAnd thirdly, and very importantly, is this variant able to evade immune responses either after natural infection or after vaccines.”

β€œIt’s really important that everybody out there who’s still unvaccinated, or who has received only one dose, must get a full course of vaccination,” Swaminathan urged.


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