Street fighting is going on in Kiev – sounds of gunfire at the military unit of the 101st security brigade separate from the Ukrainian General Staff near the Beresteiska metro station FEB/27/2022

In a dramatic escalation of East-West tensions over Russiaโ€™s invasion of Ukraine, president Vladimir Putin ordered russian nuclear forces placed on excessive alert sunday in reaction to what he called โ€œaggressive statementsโ€ via leading NATO powers.

The directive to place Russiaโ€™s nuclear weapons in an accelerated country of readiness for release, raised fears that the disaster could boil over into nuclear war, whether or not through layout or mistake.

Putinโ€™s step is โ€œdoubtlessly putting in play forces that, if thereโ€™s a miscalculation, could make matters a good deal, a great deal more risky,โ€ said a senior US Protection respectable, talking on condition of anonymity.

Amid the mounting tensions, Ukraine introduced that a delegation would meet with russian officers for talks. But the Kremlinโ€™s closing ambitions in Ukraine โ€” and what steps might be enough to meet Moscow โ€” remained doubtful.

The short-shifting developments got here as russian troops drew in the direction of Kyiv, a town of virtually 3 million, avenue preventing broke out in ukraineโ€™s 2d-biggest metropolis, Kharkiv, and strategic ports within the United Statesโ€™s south came beneath pressure from attackers.
Ukrainian defenders placed up stiff resistance that regarded to slow the invasion.

โ€œI desire I had by no means lived to peer this,โ€ said Faina Bystritska, 87, a jewish survivor of World War II.

She stated sirens blare nearly constantly in her place of origin, Chernihiv, which is ready about one hundred fifty kilometers (90 miles) from Kyiv and below attack.

Citizens have been advised now not to exchange on any lights โ€œso we donโ€™t draw their attention.โ€ She has been dwelling in a hallway, far from home windows, the better to shield herself.
– โ€œthe window glass continuously shakes, and there is this consistent thundering noise,โ€ she said.

Meanwhile, the top reliable in the european union outlined plans by means of the 27-state block to shut its airspace to russian airlines and fund the acquisition of guns for Ukraine.

โ€œFor the first time ever, the European Union will finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment

to a country that is under attack,โ€ said European Comission President Ursula von der Leyen. The EU will also ban some pro-Kremlin media outlets, she stated.

Putin, in giving the nuclear alert directive, mentioned no longer most effective statements by means of Nato members โ€” who have rushed to enhance the army allianceโ€™s members in Eastern Europe โ€” however the difficult-hitting monetary sanctions imposed through the West towards Russia, along with Putin himself.

Talking at a assembly along with his top officers, Putin told his protection minister and the chief of the armyโ€™s General Staff to position nuclear forces in a โ€œspecial regime of combat duty.โ€

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