“On September 11, 2001, four American planes were hijacked in 74 minutes. A year later, a special counter-terrorism act was issued on the arming of civil aviation pilots, according to which American pilots received the right to carry weapons into the cockpit. Now there are calls on social media to do the same for teachers. It is proposed to arm teachers in order to reduce the number of mass shootings in schools.”

“The proposals to arm teachers are dubious, as they bring many problems. If they (the government) try to do this by expecting 80-year-old liberal teachers to walk into special rooms with guns during a shooting, then I have bad news for American children. In fact, schools will simply hire more private security guards or enforce the presence of a police officer in the educational institution.

Most of these high-profile school shootings occur in small towns or suburbs where the local police are not trained or accustomed to violent crime. In big cities, however, children face these cases outside the school, not within its walls. However, in schools in big cities, security has been tightened, which constantly responds to outbreaks of violence. The work of private security organizations in the USA will very soon resemble that of South Africa and Mexico – a great opportunity for anyone wishing to run a PMC or security company.

America will soon resemble in every way a prison state, where everything operates according to prison standards. Children in schools are already eating a slightly improved version of prison food – which is why French fries have become so popular. All schools are already designed as prisons. Security guards or policemen in schools are like prison guards.

However, I don’t think that, even in an ideal state, they would be able to handle school shootings. These mass shootings are a side effect of diversity + disillusionment in today’s world. So to avoid that, one would have to live in conditions with trends directly opposite to the ones we have in today’s society.”

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