#Mexicoearthquake #MEXICOearthquaketoday

Another 5.8 quake jolts #Michoacรกn today, as death toll rises.

Mondayโ€™s #earthquake, measured at a magnitude of 7.6, struck on the anniversary of two previous earthquakes that caused enormous damage and killed hundreds or thousands of people in 1985 and 2017. Mondayโ€™s powerful quake occurred on the anniversary of two previous disasters that killed thousands of people in 1985 and 2017.An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 struck the Michoacรกn region in Mexico on Tuesday, a day after two people were killed in another powerful quake.
People are seen in the streets after an earthquake in Mexico City on September 19, 2022

One of the victims died after being crushed by the facade of a department store in the Pacific port of Manzanillo, while another was found dead at a mall.

The tremor passed without that level of tragedy, despite heightened nerves from a nationwide annual earthquake drill that occurred less than an hour before.

The tsunami alert, which was issued immediately after the quake, was revised later in the day.

Authorities said the tsunami threat has โ€œlargely passedโ€, with minor sea fluctuations of up to 0.3 metres above and below the normal tide to continue for the next few hours.

The earthquake may have been amplified by its shallow depth as it struck on Monday just nine miles (15km) below the surface.

The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center sent out an alert to areas along the coastline, noting that waves could reach between one and three metres (three to nine feet) over tide levels.

The mayor of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, said there were no early reports of significant damage in the capital.

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