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#Putin: “Anglo-Saxons” blew up the #NordStream pipelines.

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine, Sept 30 – President Vladimir Putin proclaimed Russia’s annexation of a swath of Ukraine on Friday in a speech at the Kremlin but the event was overshadowed by one of Russia’s worst battlefield defeats of the war, with one of its main garrisons surrounded.

“People living in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson region and Zaporizhzhia region are becoming our compatriots forever,” Putin told a crowd of officials in a ceremony in an ornate hall.

Putin’s proclamation of Russian rule over 15% of Ukraine – the biggest annexation in Europe since World War Two – has been firmly rejected by Western countries and even many of Russia’s close allies. U.N. General Secretary Antonio Guterres called it an illegal violation of the U.N. charter.

🇷🇺❌🇺🇸🇬🇧 Putin: “Sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons – They switched to sabotage. Unbelievable, but it is a fact”.

Putin on explosions at Nord Stream:

“In fact, they started destroying the pan-European energy infrastructure. It’s obvious to everyone who benefits from this.”

🇷🇺 “The battlefield to which history has called us is the battlefield for our people, for great historical Russia.”

Putin: One of the reasons for the centuries-old Russophobia is that we did not allow ourselves to be robbed during the period of colonization, we forced Europe to trade on an equal footing.

Putin: The West uses suppression, exploitation and enslavement instead of democracy, the unipolar world it has built is anti-democratic, deceitful and hypocritical through and through

Putin on the sabotage at Nord Stream: The Anglo-Saxons have actually begun to destroy the European energy structure

Putin: US and NATO military doctrines are based on dominance and are cunning
about supposedly “containment”, Washington is “containing” Russia, China and Iran, other countries and current US allies are next in line.

Putin on the dollar: you can’t feed anyone with paper money, you need food.

Putin on those who are ready to live by the rules of the United States: These are Political masochists and other followers of non-traditional political relations.

Putin: The world has entered a period of revolutionary transformations.

Putin: We have many like-minded people, including in the US.

We now need the consolidation of the entire society, which is based on sovereignty, creation and justice

Putin: “They don’t want freedom for us – they want to see us as a colony, they don’t want equal cooperation, but robbery, they want to see us not as a free society, but as a crowd of soulless slaves.
For them, a direct threat is our thought and philosophy.
Our culture is a danger and art for them, so they are trying to ban them, our development and prosperity is also a threat to them, competition is growing.””

#Mexicoearthquake #MEXICOearthquaketoday

Another 5.8 quake jolts #Michoacán today, as death toll rises. One of the victims died after being crushed by the facade of a department store in the Pacific port of Manzanillo, while another was found dead at a mall. The tremor passed without that level of tragedy, despite heightened nerves from a nationwide annual earthquake […]

#Taiwan struck by another strong magnitude 7.2 #earthquake on Sunday Sep.18

#Taiwan struck by another strong magnitude 7.2 #earthquake on Sunday Sep.18 An earthquake of 6.8 magnitude on the Ritcher scale shook Taitung County in southeastern Taiwan this Sunday, with no casualties so far, leading Japan to issue a tsunami alert . According to the Central Meteorological Office of the island, the earthquake occurred at a […]

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